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Keeping track of building works

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The works have begun with the removal and refurbishment of car parks. The Wandsworth Council have agreed to allow residents with a permit to park on the streets in the B2 zone. That permission will probably extend until mid January when the full quota of parking spaces will be restored.

There have been complaints about noise and vibration from some residents  and also some complaints about fencing reducing path width especially for those with mobility issues or those using buggies.

A playground area has been removed and the plan is to extend the playground area on Surrey Lane. That will be fitted out with new equipment and the work on that should begin in mid January when the equipment is due to be delivered from abroad.

Please use the numbers on the left to ask for information or to complain about noise or disruption. Please notice any working that extends beyond the times listed on the left and report it. 

We need to be aware that through January and February the contractors will driving piles on the main Randall Close. That will generate noise and vibration which is difficult to avoid. However, if the noise and vibration is creating harm to residents or property the contractors need to know.


Whitgift Tower

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