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hill contact board_edited.jpg
Artist's impression of Randall Close  build

"Many residents on the Surrey Lane have told me that the estate desperately needs a community space. We’re calling on Wandsworth Council to include one as part of the Randall Close development."  Marsha de Cordova MP

This petition and Battersea Communities survey failed to influence the re-design of Randall Close. However, a later planning application to develop the Bridge Mission has been passed by the council and they recognised the need for a community facility on the estate within that planning document. The question remaining is this: how far will community facilities be available to residents of Surrey Lane?


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Bridge Mission Development
The architecture gives prominence to the community centre, with generous glazed areas and glazed terracotta piers at the lower floors. The five floors above are varying sizes of flats for sale. Some office space is also included in the development. The building will extend to the edge of the concrete visible around the present building.


The overview of the build

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From Wandsworth Council.
Following the grant of planning consent in September 2020 and completion of ground investigation surveys earlier in 2021, the Council began the tendering process for a main contractor to develop the scheme. We are now approaching the end of this process and we hope to have a contractor formally appointed in late 2021. It is currently anticipated that works on site will begin in spring 2022. 

Once the contractor has been appointed, further resident and stakeholder engagement will take place before any works start on site. This will include a 'Meet the Contractor' event which will address the construction management plan, key contractor contacts, logistics and timings of key site activities. We will also engage with residents around the wider estate and environmental improvements and landscaping strategies that form part of the proposals.